Hand Painted Murals Add Life To Your Bare Living Room Wall

Beautiful artworks accentuate the aura of the home interiors. Whether it’s your office or home, murals and paintings enhance the overall look of the wall. Wall arts, murals, and canvas paintings are creating demand in the modern world of interior design. Wall decoration is generally an afterthought following the final coat of paint. Customized wall arts and painting add value to your interior décor; hence beautiful artworks must have a prominent place in interior designing plans. To light up your dull walls with stunning murals and paintings, search for the best painter who can translate your idea into a meaningful painting with a perfect blend of colors.

Why choose customized mural artworks for your home or office?

Mural artworks are the face of modern painting. It has added a new dimension to the interior decoration of homes, offices, restaurants, buildings, etc. Murals are images directly hand-painted or applied on the walls, ceiling, or any other surface permanently. They add a story to your home with beautiful images representing your emotions. Such large spectacular paintings add life and enhance the overall look of the room.

A professional painter visualizes your idea and creates amazing murals on your bare wall. A creative painter is one who reads and understands the mind of the clients. He translates your idea on the canvas with the utmost creativity. The clients feel overwhelmed to see the artistic beauty on the walls or the canvas made by the experienced painter. Art has the power to express what you feel and desire. So, bring out the ideas in mind and get it painted on canvas or walls by the painter that lives up to your expectations.  

Inspiration for murals 

Mural art can be inspired by nature, abstract designs, personal life, scenic landscapes, character, maps, geometrical figures, etc. The idea of murals being painted on walls is to accentuate the look of that room. You can either search for amazing murals ideas for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room online or ask a painter to create a customized design. You must always hire an experienced painter to create canvas or murals for your personalized wall.

Painters have experience in creating unimaginable and customized mural designs as per your specifications. In a meeting with a painter, the client must express his or her expectations, ideas, and choice of colors, size and the walls to be painted. Such details help to create a picture in mind before execution.

Hand Painted Murals vs. Murals peel and stick

In the digital world, digital prints have become the center of attraction for interior designing and beautification of walls. Digital prints cannot match the beauty of hand-painted murals on empty walls that become the focal point of a home.


Give Your Home A New Look With A Mural Painting By An Expert Artist

Mural art is something through which you can turn the décor of your house into a luxury one. You must have visited old churches or temples in your life. The artwork that is done on the walls is called mural. The tradition of mural painting is very old. With a good artist, you can give your house an entirely new look. You can get anything painted on the wall by the mural artist like flowers, structures, animals, or anything you want.

The mural is not like a large canvas painting for which you have to care extra but it is painted directly on the wall so it requires less maintenance and acquires great attention. You can also get it painted on the ceiling if you want. It is something different and not many houses have it. Don’t get any painter for it, only trust professional mural painters because it is not at all easy. It requires expert hands otherwise it will just look like an ordinary mural painted on the walls of the street.

Murals need expert

The experts know how hard it is to paint a nice and beautiful mural. They have done a lot of practice and have ample experience. They also know how to handle a large piece of artwork as making it requires a lot of preparation, patience, and skill. The painted object should be in perfect ratio so that it doesn’t look ugly in the house. There is some special equipment made for it like to draw the grid on the wall. To make it look nice and long lasting, it is mostly painted in layers and finished it off by applying varnish for its preservation.

Types of murals

There are several types of murals that are painted today. If you are looking forward to getting one painted, here are the different types that you can take into consideration.

Temporary murals – This type of mural is painted on a temporary structure like on construction sites or vacant lots. It is a great way to catch the interest of locals. It is painted with less expensive colors and gets faded quickly. You can also get it painted on different occasions like for some festivals or fairs on wooden panels or walls.

Commercial murals – Commercial murals range from signs, logos or banners to whole wall coverage of the site and huge exterior walls. It is a great way to publicize your brand. People pay more attention to huge artworks rather than small ones like pamphlets. You can get it done on multiple walls from a good artist so that each mural on different walls looks the same as the other.

Community murals – These murals are based on a certain community. If you are in some community and have a community hall then you can get your beliefs and ideologies painted on its walls. Another thing that you can do is to get the sign or logo painted on the exterior or interior walls.


Dos And Don’ts To Help You Become A Successful Artist

Art is a very complex field and requires a lot of care and attention in order to succeed. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to make it big in the field. There have been a lot of artists that have changed human perception with their creations. There is a set of certain dos and don’ts related to arts that one should follow in order to succeed and make a name. One of the most basic tips that you can get from any expert is to keep practicing whenever you get time. You can only reach heights as an artist if you have a creative mind and great imagination capabilities.


Art is a very wide field and can include a variety of things like sculpting, painting and even music. In order to attain success, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the tips that can be useful for you to get better at arts. The following are some such tips that you can follow to get better.

  • Identify your weakness – Identifying any weak points that you might have in your painting is important in order to succeed as an artist. Once you know what your weakness is, you will have to start working on it to make it better. This can only be done by constant and regular practice. Even if you cannot make it great, regular practice will make sure that you get better over time.
  • Carry a notepad – Make it your habit to carry a small sketch book or notepad with you in your backpack. Also have a small box with pencils and erasers in your backpack. When you are sitting alone in a park or at your school, look at the area around you and imagine a painting. Now, try to compose it on your sketch book, this will provide you with many ideas for bigger projects. Also, you will learn to compose different types of objects like grass, trees and even different types of environment.


In order to become a successful artist, it is important to maintain a balance in your life. There are a few things that can slowly degrade an artist and should be avoided at all costs. The following are some of such activities you should refrain yourself from.

  • Avoid mismanaging schedule – As an artist, ideas can come at any time but it is important to stick to a schedule. A lot of artists work for long hours and indulge completely in their creations. You should try to stick with a schedule as a healthy mind is also essential to create master pieces.
  • Avoid comparing – One of the worst things to do is to compare your art to someone else’s art. This is because every creation is beautiful and unique in its own ways. Comparing two different art pieces is just like comparing 2 different persons as both have their own emotions to express and stories to tell. You should treat your art as a separate entity and simply be proud of it.